The use of cookies by Dotykačka ČR s.r.o.

Statement by Dotykačka

Dotykačka ČR s.r.o., company reg. no.: 06290914, with its seat at Plzeňská 3217/16, 150 00 Prague 5, registered in the Companies Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C 279594, (hereinafter “Dotykačka”) uses cookies exclusively in accordance with the applicable laws.

What is a cookie? Is it safe?

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are exchanged between your browser and the website. This information is useful because it enables the website to recognize the user on repeated visits and, for example, remember their preferences and settings.

What do we use cookies for?

Within our website, we use several types of cookies:

  • Essential cookies that are important for the basic functionality of the site, such as logging into our eShop

  • Analytical cookies that help us improve the quality of our website because they tell us how you move around our website

  • Conversion cookies that tell us that you came from a partner website and made a purchase based on their recommendation

  • Remarketing cookies that we use to personalize the content of ads and target them correctly

Please be informed that you cannot be directly identified by any of these cookies because we cannot learn your email address or any other identification information through the use of cookies. Cookies cannot be used to run programs on the user’s computer, to install a virus into the user’s computer or for other similarly harmful behavior.

Can cookies be linked to other information?

No. Only if the user registers on the Dotykačka website, based on their will to make a contract (order), may their data provided during this registration be supplemented by information obtained with the use of cookies; this is used by Dotykačka mainly to improve our services rendered to the users and for better communication.

Is it possible to refuse cookies?

Yes. Every user can accept or refuse cookies. The user can also set up their web browser to be informed when it receives cookies or to disable the acceptance of sent cookies. Dotykačka would like to inform its users that disabling the cookies may limit the functionality of some website elements.

For information about how to manage cookie settings in your browser, please see, for example, the help files for your browser or its manufacturer’s website.

Links to other websites and user protection

The rules of personal data protection and of the use of cookies described herein only apply to this website. In this respect, Dotykačka advises its users to always check the rules on the protection of personal data and on the use of cookies that apply to third party websites, which the Dotykačka website provides a link to.

Updating the rules of personal data protection and the use of cookies

Dotykačka shall reserve the right to amend or modify the aforesaid rules, in particular depending on developments in legislation and technology. For this reason, Dotykačka recommends that users check the rules for the protection of personal data and the use of cookies regularly and become acquainted with their updates, if any.