Extract from the General Terms and Conditions 

Goods and Services


5.1. The Company gives a 12-month warranty for the Goods starting on the date of acceptance of the Goods by the Customer. The warranty shall cover defects in the materials and workmanship of the Goods discovered by the Customer during the guarantee period. For the avoidance of doubt, the Parties declare that § 1921, § 1922 and § 2112 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code (hereinafter the “Civil Code”) shall not apply to the Agreement.

5.2. The warranty shall be granted to the Customer only on condition that the Goods are used in accordance with the instructions for use and that they are not used in an incompetent or improper manner. The Customer shall not be eligible for a warranty if the Customer fails to fulfil its obligations to the Company in a due manner.

5.3. The warranty shall not cover damage resulting from:

a) improper installation, handling, operation or negligent care of the Goods;

b) wear and tear caused by normal use of the Goods or mechanical damage to the Goods;

c) electrical surges (visibly burned components or printed circuits) with the exception of standard deviations;

d) the Goods or a part thereof being damaged by a computer virus;

e) the use of illegal software or software for which the Customer is unable to prove its legal origin;

f) the use of unauthorised consumables;

g) excessive loading or use of the Goods under conditions that do not conform to the conditions described in the instructions for use in terms of humidity, temperature, dust levels, the chemical and mechanical impact of the environment where the Goods are normally used, or other use of the Goods;

h) the performance of an unqualified intervention, a change in the parameters of the Goods by the Customer or as a result of a repair of the Goods by the Customer;

i) force majeure;

j) damage which the Customer was informed about when buying the Goods.


6.1. More detailed conditions for complaints may be set out in the Refunds & Returns Policy of the Company available on the Company’s website.

6.2. Claims concerning Goods can be made in writing to the Company’s address provided to this end on the Company’s website.

6.3. The complaint must contain the following elements: (a) identification data of the Customer, including contact details of the Customer’s contact person; (b) specification of the Goods and a detailed description of the defect the claim relates to and its manifestations; (c) proof of purchase of the Goods; (d) the Goods, including all accessories.

6.4. If, for some Goods, a special list of authorised warranty centres is specified, the Customer shall exercise its right to repairs under the warranty in these specialised service shops.

6.5. The Customer shall be obliged to provide all the assistance to the Company that is necessary to remedy the defects in the Goods.

6.6. The Customer shall be obliged to send the Goods to the Company at its own expense and responsibility. The Company shall not be obliged to accept Goods for the complaint procedure which are not properly packed and handed over with the required components and accessories and that do not include the original accompanying documentation.

6.7. A properly filed complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the present GTC and the Civil Code.

6.8. Upon acceptance of the Goods that are the subject of the claim, the Company shall issue a receipt to the Customer indicating the date when the right to complain was exercised.

6.9. The Parties agree that if the Goods are defective, the Customer cannot withdraw from the agreement or demand a price discount if the Company is ready to: (a) remedy such a defect or replace the Goods with non-defective Goods, (b) without undue delay, begins to work towards remedying the defects or replacing the Goods with non-defective Goods and does so within a reasonable time.

6.10. The Company shall inform the Customer about how the complaint was dealt with through the Customer’s account available on the Company’s web interface, by email or in writing. If the Company accepts the complaint and decides to replace the Goods with a new item of the same type of Goods, it provides the new Goods to the Customer after the complaint has been dealt with, together with a written confirmation indicating how and when the complaint was dealt with. If the Company decides to repair the Goods, it delivers the repaired Goods to the Customer together with a written confirmation of the repair of the Goods and its duration. If the Goods were shipped in connection with a complaint procedure by a delivery service, they shall be returned in this way to the Customer’s address after the settlement of a claim.

6.11. If the Customer does not accept the Goods subject to the completed complaint proceedings within 30 days following the termination of the complaint proceedings, the Customer expressly agrees to the Company disposing of the Goods in an eco-friendly manner within 30 days following the end of the period for the acceptance of the Goods, at the Company’s expense.